Accessories -


COD. A000063 - Type: Li-Po (Lithium Polymer)) 14.8V 2.0 Ah


COD. A000115 – Type: Li-Po (Lithium – Polymère) 14.8V 3.0 Ah

Battery charger

COD. A000091 - Power supply: 230V 56/60Hz 80 W – Output: 16V 5A


COD. A000176 (ITA24) TYPE: Li­Po (Lithium Polymer) 14.8V 2.0 Ah


COD. A000175 (ITA25) TYPE: Li­Po (Lithium Polymer) 14.8V 3.2 Ah

ITA24/ITA25 Battery Charger

COD. A000186 Power supply: 90/230V 50/60Hz 80 W Output: 16.8V 4.7 A

Battery ITA27

COD. B800477 – Type: Li-ION (Lithium-Ion) 36V 2.0 Ah

ITA27 Battery Charger

COD. 800535 Power supply: 120V 60Hz Output: 14.4/36V. 8.0 A

ITA27 Battery Charger

COD. 800483 Power supply: 220/240V 50/60Hz 375 W Output: 14.4/36V. 8.0 A

Wearing plate

COD. A000137 – Stainless steel plate to protect ITA20-21 frame


COD. A000151 – Inox plate for ITA20 – PLATE for fruit crates cardboard / plastic / wood

Cutting blade

COD. S300024 – For steel and plastic strap

Air treatment group

COD. S100001 – Composed by filter, pressure adjustment and lubricator

Sospension bracket

COD. A000116 -2 position sospension bracket for ita 20-21


Balancer 1,5-3 Kg. for ITA 18


Balancer 3-6 Kg. Suspension balancer for ITA10-11-12-14-40-44


Balancer 9-14 Kg. Suspension balancer for ITA 41-42-51-52-61-62