ITA 71

Tensioner for textile straps Battery operated

ITA 71 is the innovative tensioner for all textile straps Battery Operated, Suitable for all kind of Textile straps up to 40mm width.

The new ITA 71 has been studied with a design that allow the easiest operation method.

Powerful quick and strong, ITA 71 is equipped with integrated cutting unit and it’s manufactured to be durable and with very low maintenance required.

With the tension regulator button under the battery, You can adjust the force of Your ITA 71 up to 11000 N, without any failure during Your activity and permitting an optimal security of goods for any kind of application.

With the ITA 71 You will not be linked anymore to any pipe feeling free to operate anywhere and in all the environments.


Battery Operated Tool
Suitable for all kind of textile straps up to 40mm
Strong and reliable
Easy to be used
Low maintenance required
Powerful and quick


Adjustable tension
Integrated cutting unit
Robust and durable
Friction weld and high seal efficiency



up to 40 mm

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